Welcome on USER platform!

The aim of this platform is to share easily USER documents between members. Its use is exclusively internal: this is not a communication tool (since USER mini-site is dedicated to this).

Some explanation about this platform:
– On the “File” page, you will find all USER’s documents you may need, about : administrative and finance, transnational meetings, exeprience sharing and communication. This section will be updated during the project and you will be kept informed of any changes.
– The “Discussion page” is yours: it’s dedicated to post information about activities, experiences, project, know-how on USER topic you heard about, and that you would like to share with partners. You can attach documents to your post and save them in the “experience sharing” folder on page “file”. Feel free also to post about issue you are encountering in running USER (ULSG leading, LAP elaboration, ERDF paiment claim…) – it is quite certain that another colleague already met the same issue / thought of the same remark.

Please, when you post, think to link your post to a topic (category) by ticking the right box in the right-hand corner of the page. It will help to organize our discussions.

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