Welcome to Dresden everybody – during and after USER !

Hi everybody,

It’s a pity that about half of our USER community did not have the chance to visit our city over the past few years.

The weblink annexed (no hyperlink – just copy it to your web browser) points to a new local reggea song (unfortunately the sound quality is not so fine, and there is no translation provided).

Looking forward to see most of you guys in Saint Denis and Grenoble,


Dresden among 6 EUROCITIES member cities ‘In Dialogue about Urban Transformation’

On the occasion of the Annual EUROCITIES Meeting hosted by Munich on 5 to 7 November 2014, the City of Munich has published a series of leaflets featuring a uniform design and dealing with urban transformation.
Six member cities of the EUROCITIES Economic Development Forum‘s Working Groups on Housing and Integrated Urban Development (Dresden, Munich, Stockholm, Utrecht, Vienna and Zurich) had previously agreed on presenting key challenges and tasks regarding densification as well as civic participation.
Dresden took advantage from its participation in the URBACT USER network and presented problems and solutions at stake at the Western Fringe of the Inner City, which corresponds to the USER pilot site. This presentation largely reflects Dresden‘s USER approach.

Link to the cities‘ contributions:

On behalf of Dresden’s USER LSG

Dresden’s XMas perception report

Dear USER friends,

don’t mistake this for a Christmas gift:

We are posting the report on the survey that has been conducted by geographers from Dresden Technical University, addressing the perception and use of public spaces within our USER area. The English abstract is on pages 43-46.

We are looking back at nearly a year of fruitful and enriching exchanges with the USER community. Considering the work still ahead of us and a LAP draft to be submmitted by September, next year will probably come up with even more hard work, enhancement, sound results and hopefully excellent and enriching seminars and workshops (and, why not, additional optional visits to partner cities …).

Owing to the current festive season, we have postponed our forthcoming ‚large‘ LSG meeting until January.

The Dresden USER team addresses their season’s greetings to all of you, wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Bruno and Martin on behalf of Dresden’s USER LSG and its working groups



Dresden informs Eurocities working group and Saxon government officials about USER

Dear friends,

this information from Dresden is about communication regarding USER toward Eurocities and the regional administration. We are sure that you are also taking part in comparable meetings.

We are looking forward to next week’s workshop in Pescara.

Greetings from sunny Dresden (actally sun and rain are alternating on a daily basis)Dresden_USER_inform_Eurocities_and_Saxony.