Autumn cleanup – outdoor event in the Azory housing estate

On Sunday 9th of November, in the square beside the Parish Church was held an outdoor event, organized as part of the USER project.

The theme of the event was autumn cleanup and a fair of redundancies consisting in the exchange of unnecessary items that may be useful to other neighbors. Children could take part in the art workshops, during which they made dolls from materials found during the autumn orders.

In addition, the event was an occassion to get the residents’ opinion on the projects included in the Local Acion Plan. The residents had a possibility to introduce new solutions for the housing estate or propose their own ideas for improving the quality of life in the Azory.

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Easter feast in Azory

On the Palm Sunday, 13th of April, in the square behind the Parish Church in Azory was held an Easter Feast.

The aim of the event was an animation of public space in the housing estate: organization of games and activities for children and integration of residents. During the feast the adults had an opportunity to assess the works of students of architecture concerning the development of public space in the Azory and to participate in a lottery. Their opinions on housing estate needs and ideas to address the problems occurring there were also collected.

However, it was children who enjoyed the feast the most. They had the opportunity to participate in games organized by the students, such as bowling or racing in rolling Easter eggs and art workshops, where they could create Easter ornaments.

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Azory in the children’s eyes

The important users of Azory public spaces are children and the youth. To get their opinion on the housing estate the children’s art competition “At my Azory…” was organized. In response to the competition the pupils of kindergartens and schools submitted 160 works, which have been evaluated in four age categories. The audience award was also awarded as a result of voting by participants of the workshop which took place on 14th of November. The winning works below.

Julia Baran Konstancja Koleszynska Natalia Mars Oksana Sawicka Roksana Zięcina