News from Lublin ULSG! Students dream their new public spaces…

Some new about the main ULSG activities lead by Lublin until the beginning of May…

Up to the 6th of May research were provided by Marie Curie University in connection to users of one of the squares (Kochanowski Square).

The results shows that users (e.g. workers of library, children and pupils and their parents of school and kindergarden, students of psychology and pedagogics and others): have concerns about the usefulness of the square (eg, no benches, lack of greenery and flowers) but in the other hand they don’t imagine bigger changes of the square. A lot of students want to open the door of university on the square side.
Students of Catholic University (spatial planning) are preparing some ephemeral activity.

At Rybny Square they want to seed sunflowers in “abandoned greenery flowerbed”– see the picture below.

Lublin_Rybny flowerbed
During that day student will engage users to seed sunflowers (to make they will care of the flowers) and children also giving them crayons and paper to draw pictures.

At Wolnosci Square they wanted to paint colored squares (meter/meter) to show that one square is divided by road onto two pieces but it still remain one square in itself.

Lublin_Wolnosci Square

At Kochanowski Square they want to put pillows to sit on grass and close to Kochanowski monument, and give people apples with printed green leaves with the epigrams of Kochanowski (like eg. “Guest, sit under my leaves, and rest yourself! There will be no sun you here, I promise you, Although there are any apples, but you will fill there As the most productive strain in Hesperyski orchard.)

Lublin_Kochanowski S
At this photo you can also see the close door of Marie Curie University. The proposed change is to open that door for student who could rest on this square (not only on Saturday 25 of May but everyday)

At Fara Square they want to seed real grass like onto this picture, to show that there were a church here before and where was the main nave and baptistery.

Lublin_Fara S
All ephemeral form answered on users needs (lack of greenery, benches, “friendless”  etc).

During that day we want to observe USER and answer questions and issues from the “road map”.
The answers will be made by students (who carry on the ephemeral activities) and by LSG members (the next meeting will be the “study visit” to observe the squares when its ephemeral improved and compare with the observation from the others “normal” days).

The other added value is that the district council of Old Town has got money for new benches at Rybny Square, and the students who investigate users before helping the local councillors to choose location and projects of these sits.