Food for thought during the summer break!

During the summer Fernando, our lead expert, has gathered interesting documents about different public space-related topics: Links_Fernando_Aug2013

In this document you can find background thoughts, articles, experiences about:

Placemaking, walkability, streets, temporary uses of vacant plots, safety, privatization, managing public spaces, markets, sustainability, social conflits, walking observation of uses, design, gendered public spaces, tourism and public spaces, political activism, involving inhabitants, regulating public spaces, conviviality, mobility, using public spaces, street vending, sidewalks, lightening, urban farming, waterfronts, Jan Gehl, Jane Jacobs.

Like in a market, pick up the resources about the topics you are interested in!

And… of course, if you have interesting documents to share with the USER network as a complement to this (open) list, please do it!