News from Riga LSG

Updated activities of Riga LSG.

You can download as well a detailed presentation of the LSG structure and methodology here (prepared by Riga for Lublin workshop).
After our meeting with Sandra Biseniece (who on behalf of the “URBACT Secretariat” provides consultations for URBACT projects, and in particular, on the ULSG issues in Latvia and other Baltic states), we decided to change slightly our planned activities schedule:

 First of all, we are going to organize a meeting with stakeholders (users) of Spīķeri Street in coming two weeks. In June we have had a meeting with users of Latviešu Strēlnieku Square to understand better their specific interests, opinions about the place and desirable development of it.  Now it is a turn to organize same kind of meeting with users of Spīķeri Street to find out their opinion about the place and its development.

In parallel we are planning to organize a meeting for our USER team members, possibly with participation of our key Core LSG experts, with aim to draw first scenarios of development visions for our both pilot sites – to be further discussed at wider audiences (i.e., at our next scheduled LSG meeting and meetings with users, students, schoolchildren etc.) in the end of 2013 or in early 2014.

 However, as we feel that we don’t have enough data – facts & figures about current situation, just assumptions, we have initiated discussions with the University of Latvia, Spatial Development Planning Studies Program concerning the involvement of two different groups of students in the USER project:

(1)   Group 1: students of Social & Political Geography – to provide field observations of both pilot sites, identify and analyze urban character of sites, their users, main types of uses and changes of uses in time (day/week/season), interview users, etc.

Period: Dec 2013 – Feb 2014
Expected result: (in-depth analysis of) Current Situation

(2)   Group 2: students of Spatial Development Planning – based on results of field work and analysis undertaken by the Group 1, the tasks for this group would be to identify development visions of pilot sites, analyze and agree on desirable development. Also, work out ideas for experimentation and carry out experiments in both public spaces.

Period: Feb 2014 – May 2014
Expected result: Future Visions & Experimentation

Also we have one research about pedestrian flows in Riga going on at the moment which is planned to be completed in December 2013.

Further, after drawing by ourselves the initial development scenarios (Visions), we are planning to organize a Wider LSG meeting. The aim of this meeting would be to find out LSG members and users views, ideas and opinions concerning the development visions of both pilot sites. As well, to understand what inputs they could give to the USER project and what they would receive from it.