Call for experiences! – from Grenoble-Alpes Métropole

Grenoble-Alpes Métropole’s LSG is currently getting in touch with researchers on urban policies. We would like to organise discussions between them and local professionals about shared topics, shared issues. These meetings will give professionals the opportunity to take a step back from their daily practices, and will feed in the research of universities with concrete experiences.

The researchers we work with were extremely interested in knowing about USER cities experiences in their thematic research field. That’s why we launch a call towards all our USER partners. Should you have any experience to share (from your city or even from elsewhere), please post it on this plateform or send an e-mail to Claire!

The 2 topics are:

Methods and tools to observe and analyse uses on the field. In our uran area we use the “walking diagnosis” a lot, as well as questionnaires, convivial events… but we sometimes feel we lack innovative ideas.

Practices and methods to help municipalities stay active once a project of public space rehabilitation has been realized. In France a lot of research and experiences have been led on how to structure the partnership, the decision-making process etc…, before doing the construction works. But once the works are done the project is considered as “done” and we do not stay organized to monitor the uses and implement corrective actions if necessary. 

Thanks for your collaboration and please ask Claire for any precision you might need!